Ganesha and New Beginnings for 2019

Jan. 1, 2019   |   Reserve your spot!

MANIFEST YOUR DESIRES FOR 2019 by invoking Ganesha.

 Tara Cindy Sherman rests her forehead on an elephants trunk.

Look ahead and put into motion the changes you would like to create in 2019. The yogic term for a resolution is sankalpa, which is an affirmation, intention, and resolve all rolled into one.

Invoking the archetypal energies of Ganesha is a powerful tool for manifesting your intentions. Ganesha is known as remover of obstacles, blesser of new beginnings, and relates to the earth mother which helps us stay rooted, grounded, and open to having all our needs met. Come learn more about Ganesha as we raise the energy needed to carry through with our resolutions through ritual.

During this workshop, we will:

  • Build energy to commit to the present, which absolves the past and reverberates into the future.

  • Create a group altar to focus our intentions. Please bring something that represents your intentions to place on the altar.

  • Learn more about the symbolism of Ganesha and its relevance in our lives.

  • Practice Shaktiflow yoga warm ups and movements to work with the root center and ground the energy in our physical bodies.

  • Chant 108 rounds of a mantra to Ganesha, to raise palpable energy for our sankalpa. Please bring your mala, or prayer beads if you have them.

  • Practice the profound meditation technique of yoga nidra to bring home the power of our ritual and plant the seeds of our sankalpa in the fertile ground of not just one, but all of our 3 bodies according to yogic philosophy.


Jan. 1
2-4 PM


The Yoga Center Retreat  |  Saint Louis Park, MN