Yoga Nidra Workshop

Nov. 15, 2019 |  7-9 PM | The Yoga Center Retreat | Reserve your spot!

Release tension, relax, and remember who you are.

Tension is who we think we should be. Relaxation is who we are. ~Chinese Proverb

Yoga Nidra is the perfect antidote to the many tensions that amass themselves in the multiple levels of our being. This deeply relaxing form of meditation is practiced from a supine position to allow for greater release of the threefold tensions: muscular, emotional and mental.

Thirty minutes of Yoga Nidra is said to be the equivalent of a 3-hour nap and helps us manage stress more effectively, recover from injury and illness, and even sleep better at night. Learn how to systematically release what no longer serves you as you gain the know how and experience to relax into who you really are. No experience necessary. 


Sept. 20, 2019
7-9 PM


The Yoga Center Retreat  |  Saint Louis Park, MN

COST: $40

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