Pranayama Series

Saturdays | Dec. 8-22   |   Reserve your spot!

Experience the power of your breath.


This holiday season, would you like to manage your energy? Increase your stamina? Reduce your stress? Experience more joy? Join Tara in this 3 week series that teaches how to do all these things and more by learning how to access and direct your vital life force through yogic breathing techniques.

There are many levels and meanings of prana, from breath to consciousness itself. Pranayama, or breath control is the 4th limb in Patanjali's 8 limbed path of Raja Yoga and teaches us how to harness and direct the vital life force in the breath to cultivate health, balance, self realization and a greater sense of peace.

This 3 week series offers simple, yet profound breathing techniques that can help one navigate the stressful times in life as well as being able to enjoy the times when life is sailing along smoothly.

There is a yogic saying, "Change your breath and you'll change your thoughts, change your thoughts and you'll change your life." Come learn how to embody this statement through techniques that lower the BP, reduce anxiety, counter insomnia, increase vitality and cultivate inner harmony.

No experience necessary. Handouts for all techniques will be provided.


Saturdays, Dec. 8-22
10:30 AM - Noon


The Yoga Center Retreat  |  Saint Louis Park, MN




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