Exploring Shakti: Lakshmi & the Healing Power of Self-Love

Saturday | Aug. 17  | $80 | Register today!

Encounter Lakshmi and discover self-love.

One of the many gifts of yoga is that again and again we learn to meet ourselves right where we are. We come to our mat, or our "seat" in meditation, and practice acceptance. Acceptance of the body of the day, the mind of the moment, or the situation at hand. Day by day, year by year, we grow in skill to meet life as it comes as we carry our practice off the mat into the world.


One very potent tool on the path of self love is to draw upon the yogic archetype of Lakshmi, a symbol of all the good things in us and the Universe. When we come into relationship with a power greater than ourselves whatever that may be, we open to new levels of understanding and new ways of being, both with ourselves and others. Through the years I have found that the more I love life, the more it loves me, and the more I love myself, the more I love life. This creates a potent circle of energy full of tenderness and bliss. This heart healing journey has led me to a practice that I call "Self Love Sadhana." It is an honor, a blessing, and my personal dharma to share this practice with anyone who feels drawn, so that in true Lakshmi fashion we may live the life of our dreams and help others do the same.

Please bring a small cardboard box and scissors for a sacred art project, as well as a framed picture of yourself as a baby or young child.

THIS SESSION includes:

  • Shakti Flow

  • Mantra

  • Mudra

  • Sankalpa

  • Meditation

  • Ritual

  • Sacred art

All are welcome, no experience needed, just an interest and openness to the sacred feminine.


Saturday, August 17
1-5 PM


The Yoga Center Retreat | Saint Louis Park, MN

COST: $80

Register today!